Customer Testimonials

We take pride in our printed publications, and people seem to enjoy them. From local business owners to visiting tourists, the following testimonials prove that the Ludington Area Visitors Guide, Map Guide, and Menu Guide provide the most extensive insight into our community.
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Ludington Business Directory Testimonials

"My name is Amy, and my husband and I would like to thank Marie and the whole crew at Advantage Marketing for helping River Run Canoe Rental in Scottville, MI become bigger and better than ever. Advantage Marketing has taken all the guess work out of advertising! Marie is the team member I personally work with, and she has bent over backwards to make sure my small, seasonal business gets the biggest bang for my buck. Not only do they make helpful suggestions, but they also show you the results of your advertising. Customers tell me they found me online, but Marie shows me the stats. This is priceless! Their personal meetings, phone calls, and emails help me be assured that they want my small business to be successful. Thank you Advantage Marketing!"--Amy, River Run Canoe Rental.

Ludington Area Visitors Guide Testimonials

"We get steady business from our ad in the Visitors Guide."--Jane Pomeroy, Hamlin Lake Boat Rentals.

"We totally rely on the Visitors Guide. My staff hands them out whenever a customer asks about the area."--Connie Grenn, Big Boy Restaurant.

"The Visitors Guide is the most complete guide to the Ludington area. My customers really appreciate the detailed information in such compact form."--Sally Cole, Cole's Antiques Villa.

"The Ludington Area Visitors Guide is a high quality publication that we're proud to be a part of. At least 1 out of every 3 customers that comes into our photo gallery is holding the Visitors Guide."--Brad Reed, Todd & Brad Reed Photo Galleries.


"The cover is gorgeous! We put Visitors Guides in every room and hand out even more in our lobby."--Joni Collins, Nova Motel.

"I constantly see our customers reading the Visitors Guide at their table. It's obvious that tourists find the magazine very informative and enticing."--Donna Carrier, Kuntry Kubbard.

Ludington Area Map Guide Testimonials

"I have a great deal of downtown traffic flow through Redolencia in the summer. The Visitors Guides and Map Guides are seen in the hands of many of my customers. We are lucky to have such publications available to help our tourists in Ludington and the surrounding areas."--Lars Kvalvaag, Redolencia.

"It's so much easier to explain how to get somewhere when you have a quality map to hand out. We've been well supplied and go through a huge amount of Map Guides."--Connie Grenn, Big Boy Restaurant.

"Advantage Marketing really cares about the success of my business."--Pat Patterson, Hungry Howie's Pizza.

Ludington Area Menu Guide Testimonials

"All of us at Poncho's Pond feel that the Menu Guide is one of the best advertising tools we use to direct our customers to local restaurants. We use it every day here!"--Nancy & Poncho Smith, Poncho's Pond.

"Just wanted to let you know how much we use the Menu Guides. It seems everyone coming in is asking where to eat. It's so nice to have the Menu Guides to offer. We keep one in each room and have extras in the office. I feel the guests really appreciate them too. Thanks also for keeping us supplied so well. No matter how many are taken, we never run out." Georgene Horowski, Vista Villa Motel.

"When we're deciding where to eat, we look at the Menu Guide. Where we go is often based on a specific item."--Debbie Finger, seasonal resident at Poncho's Pond.

"Our antiques business sometimes seems like an 'information hub' and I'd be lost without the Menu Guide. When customers ask "Where should we eat?" I give them a copy of the Menu Guide. What a great tool for me to have to promote our local area."--Sally Cole, Cole's Antiques Villa.

"We put a Menu Guide in every room and hand them out in our lobby. I can't understand why any restaurant wouldn't be in the Menu Guide."--Joni Collins, Nova Motel.

"We get more response from our ad in the Menu Guide than from our ads in the phone books. People keep the Menu Guide and use it over and over again."--Gary McClinsey, Little Caesars Pizza.

"The Menu Guide has given us a measurable sales increase from lodging facilities. I think Advantage Marketing really cares about the success of my business."--Pat Patterson, Hungry Howie's Pizza.
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